Merseyside Innovation Awards 2012

The Merseyside Innovation Awards are open to individuals and companies with fewer than 50 employees based in Merseyside and the immediate surrounding area. Applicants will be eligible to win £10,000 in cash, support from some of the region’s leading business advisers, worth £4,000, and publicity for the idea.

The awards recognise and reward companies and individuals in Merseyside who use innovation as a means of growth and profitability. The aim is to help them with the process of turning great ideas into great businesses, and to contribute towards the economic development of Merseyside.


Applicants complete a straightforward online application form, which the sponsor group uses to evaluate the application. In many cases, sponsors will contact the applicant to get a better understanding of the business and its innovation.

The sponsors then meet on a monthly basis to evaluate, score and select a monthly winner, who receives a licence to use the awards for marketing purposes, a Merseyside Innovation Awards certificate and a bottle of Champagne.

In May each year, the sponsors select a shortlist of potential finalists who are visited by two members of the sponsor group. The sponsors then select three finalists, who are invited to present their product or idea at the annual final to a panel of judges and an audience of funding organisations and local members of the business community. Previous members of our panel have included Trevor Baylis, Evan Davis and Steve Morgan. The judges will select a winner and present the prize of £10,000 in cash, plus consultancy support.

For more information and to apply for a Merseyside Innovation award, visit: 

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