IOTA NanoSolutions at Improving Solubility Conference

IOTA NanoSolutions to exhibit at “6th Improving Solubility Conference”, March 28 – 30, 2012, Philade

IOTA NanoSolutions Limited will be exhibiting at the IQPC “6th Improving Solubility Conference”, March 28 – 30, 2012, Philadelphia, PA.

Come and visit us in the exhibit lounge, where our representatives, Mr Christopher Young, Business Development Director and Dr Alison Foster, Pharmaceutical Programme Director, will available to answer your queries. 

To pre-book a meeting with Christopher or Alison, please contact:

Christopher Young

Tel: +44 (0)151 795 4219

Email: (please use “Improving Solubility” as the subject field)


IOTA NanoSolutions addresses the challenge of improving the sub-optimal pharmacological and physiochemical properties often associated with Class II and IV compounds by way of enhancing drug solubility kinetics through its patented particle processing technology, ContraSol™.

ContraSol™ produces dry, solid blends (e.g. powders/tablets) of low solubility compounds within a soluble matrix. When added to liquids, the matrix dissolves to liberate the low solubility material as a nanoparticulate dispersion (typical Zav. 100-500nm), improving the kinetics of drug solubility and the potential to enhance bioavailability.

ContraSol™, provides a novel “bottom up” approach to nanoparticle generation avoiding traditional attrition techniques, such as milling, and is applicable to a wide range of materials with varying physical properties, including high/low melting point compounds, crystalline/amorphous materials and solid/soft solids (including waxes).

ContraSol™ offers opportunities to enhance the performance of marketed drugs, nce’s and drug candidates currently in development, and to revive promising discovery compounds previously overlooked owing to inadequate aqueous solubility.

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