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An environment has been created that accelerates the successful development of new start-up life-science and chemistry businesses. The Merseybio Incubator is a state-of-the-art facility for developing biotechnology businesses. It offers:

15 Purpose-built laboratory units (650 sq. ft) with associated offices
Controlled access and security cover
Professional reception and meeting rooms
Staff car parking
Shared refreshment and networking room

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Merseybio incubator: Click the graphic to get more detailed information about the facilities and features of the Merseybio incubator - opens in new window

incubator video: the Merseybio incubator is a state-of-the-art facility that is a welcome new addition to the life science sector infrastructure. view the construction video by choosing an option below.
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The Incubator is owned by the University of Liverpool and managed by 2Bio Ltd. on behalf of the University of Liverpool.

Easy access to the University of Liverpool's life-science expertise is facilitated by the team at the University's Business Gateway.

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university of liverpool - click to view website|
Crown Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom L69 7ZB
T +44 (0) 151 795 4100 F +44 (0) 151 795 4101
E info@2bio.co.uk | Map & Directions

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